8 June 2021

  • Three months of Big Sur
    Three months of Big Sur

    I upgraded to Big Sur three months ago. I know I’m (fashionably?) late to this party, but here I am. This is the longest I have ever waited to upgrade macOS. It feels weird, considering WWDC is next week where...

  • Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts
    Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts

    My favourite Xcode keyboard shortcuts to supercharge your Xcode experience.


25 May 2021

17 May 2021

5 May 2021

25 April 2021

24 April 2021

23 April 2021

18 April 2021

2 April 2021

  • Colour management, part 4
    Colour management, part 4

    I’d like to propose a framework for measuring how well colour management is supported in screen design tools, with a numbering system from 1 to 5. Level 1 represents no support at all, and level 5 means great colour management.

  • 30 of the Best Book Covers of the Year (So Far)
    30 of the Best Book Covers of the Year (So Far)

    We’re elated by the design that has been dancing across bookshelves of late. Here are 30 of our favorite covers of 2021.


31 March 2021

  • The @ScaledMetric Property Wrapper
    The @ScaledMetric Property Wrapper

    How can you scale other metrics, like spacing, as the dynamic type content size changes? In iOS 14, SwiftUI gained the @ScaledMetric property wrapper that can scale any numeric value.

  • Quick guide to using Core Data with SwiftUI
    Quick guide to using Core Data with SwiftUI

    Learn the basics for using the Core Data framework with SwiftUI in iOS

  • WWDC21

    Join the Apple worldwide developer community for an all-online WWDC21.


28 March 2021